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Best of Budapest award - Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Hungary, Budapest
Urgent call until midnight +36 1 422 0808
+36 1 422 0808
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67 Margit krt., Budapest 1024, Hungary
Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Hungary, Budapest

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Dental assistants

Meet our Dental Nurses

Our qualified and experienced dental nurses and clinical hygientists work closely with the clinical team to provide them with help and support. Besides that, they are committed to ensure patients are able to relax in the knowledge that are fully informed about the treatment options available, their expectations are met and they have a pleasant experience whilst at our surgery.


Hanna Lantos-Baskay

lantos baskay hanna

Dental assistant

Speaks English

Nóra Varga


Dental assistant

Speaks English

Geositsné Albert Judit

geositsne albert juditAnesthesiologist assistant


Anna Dávid

david annaDental assistant

Speaks English

Katalin Gulyás-Papp

gulyas katalin

Dental assistant

Speaks English

Edit Tiborné Kovács

kovacs tiborne

Dental assistant

Speaks English

Éva Kötő

kotto_evaDental assistant

Speaks English

Zsófia Sánta

santa zsofia

Dental assistant

Speaks English

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Dear Attila,

Thank you all for all the care and kindness you showed me while I attended your clinic. You are a darling man. I was sorry I wasn’t able to say goodbye and thank you. My teeth look as if they had always been there. I think I will have to charge for views.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Mel W.