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Children at dentist

My child has bad teeth genetically – said a lot of people mistakenly

The bad teeth only 1-2%-a inherited. The frequentest reason of the loss of the childhood teeth is the decay, which everybody confronts during their life, and what is a problem concerning the children primarily.

What they may inherit really on the other hand: that bad tooth-brushing technique, wrong oral hygiene. If the parent carelessly, does not clean his teeth, the child on the suitable manner – inevitably – acquires it wrongly.

Important, that let the parent help his child at the time of the tooth-brushing until at least 6 year ages, it, that in this age the child himself is able to clean already.

At the age of 8-10 already worthy to use tooth silk.

Worthy already to start cleaning the teeth in an age of infancy to get used to the tooth-brushing much more easily.

Not trouble if the milk tooth goes wrong, falls out anyway – another fallacy sounds.

The residual tooth is decaying much more easily if the milk tooth was carious unfortunately, because not all the same, what kind of environment it arrives.The decay of a milk tooth, the bacteria spread into the residual teeth much more easily. Milk teeth play a role as a place maintainer, if milk teeth removed because of caries an irregular dentition may take shape even (you are a too soon tooth to break out, you are in a bad position, possibly altogether does not break out).

The milk teeth play an important role in the development of the training of the correct bite and chewing, the speech sounds.

Essential, that the task of the milk teeth the place maintenance for the enduring teeth, in this manner their conservation until the tooth change is very important. Their early loss may lead to the abnormality of the enduring dentition.

Just because of this at the age of 3 is worthy to lead our children into dentistry in every half-year, if there is no complaint.

The tooth change is beginning in 6 year ages when the first residual tooth appears behind the last milk grinders generally.


Positive changes

Increasingly more parents take his child away getting acquainted with the surgery according to our statistics and our personal experiences, onto dental filtration or a treatment, and this has an exceptionally good effect on the smooth solution of the later tooth problems.

The quality of the dental medical attendance shows improving trend furthermore. More aggressive treatments were typical in a more frightening, colder, worse case for the children early (more impatient doctors, who held the child's hand down sent the parent out possibly stb). All these influenced being disposed towards the adult age dental treatment negatively.

Nowadays continually rather already in early childhood (kindergarten, primary school…) the schoolboys are prepared for the importance of the regular toothcare. This is so important because, it demands long time and big patience. The old, collective child dentistry filtrations were replaced by private ordering.

With a breath more...

Beside all that, that the oral hygiene should be our daily activity, according to our doctors' opinion our toothcare culture not inevitably good. Relatively few people know the process of the correct tooth cleaning and it is observed.

We lay a bigger emphasis on the shopping of the toothbrush and toothpaste generally, than on the oral hygiene. We may refer to evening tiredness or morning haste, we shorten the time of the tooth cleaning the often after all.

The communication, the speech are the determining parts of our everyday life.If we observe it the daily duplicate one (in the morning and in the evening), we use tooth silk regularly, we clean our tongue and half-year we go regularly to a dentist's examination, we may precede many pains.

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An enormous thank you for doing all the planning to make our appointments happen. It took a while but we got there in the end. A very humble thank you to Dr Kaman and Dr Nemeth, whom I already consider to be my angels for the work they have done on both Steve and myself, absolutely fantastic. When we talk to people we have only praise and recommendation for them and the team. THANK YOU from the heart. When I look at us both it's as if it was 28 years ago when we got married (well the teeth part) Gorgeous!!!! As our wedding anniversary was spent in Budapest, we truly appreciated Dr Kaman and Dr Nemeth acknowledging it.
The whole visit went very well under difficult circumstances, and we very much appreciated all the care and hard work from everyone involved.

Annette and Steve W.